Cleaning lantern slides
1. Glass is wiped with photo-clear towel to remove loose dust.
2. Then wiped with non-abrasive wipes (Ped Pac) lint free ultra soft
3. A small amount of 91% Isopropyl alcohol is applied to the wipe
4. With even stroke wipe the remaining dirt from glass
5. The slide is then gently wiped again with the non-abrasive wipe to dry

During the process it is noted that the tape used to seal the glass plate sandwich is rather fragile due to the aging adhesive in the tape (Inherent vice).
The red (Color slide) tape splits into two: a red baking and a top coat of plastic.
This tape will be secured with another tape ,silver tape Delta 1 Silver Mylar tape 1/4”
Labels on the slides are also fragile due to aging adhesive component. The labels are still quite useful containing the original information that was recorded.

Picture_148.jpg Picture_147.jpg Picture_146.jpg

Picture_010.jpg Picture_014.jpg Picture_013.jpg

Reapply tape with Silver Mylar
Secure broken images placing back in catalog storage space and make note of their existence.