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The Lantern Slides are currently located in three different rooms. They are stored in Remington wooden slide catalogs. There are individual drawers for the slides. With in the drawers there are dividers made of heavy stock cardboard. There are approximately 75 slides per a drawer. The drawers are labeled by: location, work type (sculpture, painting, and architecture), and by specific periods of art creation or alphabetically by art type and location. Of the three different rooms the collection resides in only one of the rooms is temperature and humidity controlled. Luckily the mass of the collection is in this room. This room is also the home of the 35mm slide collection. The two other rooms are kept at human comfort temperatures, approximately 68 degrees with humidity control from air conditioning. The lantern slides in these rooms have desiccants in some of the drawers. The desiccants may have lost their effectiveness due to the fact no one in the department knew how old they were.

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